Some Kind Words from Clients

Portrait of Somerset sound therapist Carolyn in the sunshine

Thank You!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all of my amazing clients; it’s such a privilege to share your incredible journeys and to witness such awesome shifts.

Hannah Shackleton

I have been attending monthly group sound baths with Carolyn since January 2023. I did not know what to expect when I first started but found it such a profound and wonderful experience, that I have attended every month since. I also recently had a 1:1 sound therapy session, which was an even more incredible experience. Carolyn has such a gentle, knowledgeable way about her. I was put at ease from the moment I met her. She always explains what she will do and what may happen in such detail that I feel fully confident in letting go and embracing the sound bath/therapy. I find attending Carolyn’s sound baths the perfect way to reset myself every month, feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world afterwards in the most positive way. It really has been a huge game changer for me and I will be eternally grateful for the insight that Carolyn’s sessions have provided me with. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who would like to try sound therapy, or to those who would just like to re-connect with themselves, and have already taken friends and family along to the group sessions with me.

Hannah is the lead dental nurse in a busy local dental practice. She has a keen interest in meditation, mindfulness and energy healing.

Hal FX

 An authentic and sublime sonic experience. I was hugely impressed by Carolyn’s professionalism and openness, enabling the listener to move through a subtle and yet surprising state of calm. Ideal both for healing and as a profound experience in its own right.

Hal FX is a media producer and educator, specialising in digital learning for international schools and universities.

Portrait of Chavela Mora-Afonso from Bruton

Chavela Mora-Afonso

 I really enjoyed my time with Carolyn. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 1-2-1 session – although I had done classes with more people, the 1-2-1 session was much more intense.

I found Carolyn and her treatment space beautifully calming. She has a kind and gentle demeanour about her, which allowed me to express myself without fear of judgement. She was very down to earth and helped me decipher what was going on without trying to sort me out and tell me what was going on.

I would highly recommend her to guests at my salon – I already have! I can’t wait to use her again. Thank you, Carolyn!

Alongside being a busy mum, Chavela runs her own successful hairdressing salon.

Portrait of Leah Roberts - Leah heads a Family, Inclusion and Wellbeing service in Independent SEN Education.

Leah Roberts

 I’ve found my experience of sound therapy to be extraordinary and incredibly helpful. Four sessions have allowed me to develop my own understanding of the process and how it works. Working in a stress filled environment, I have found the process of sound healing to be incredibly helpful on many levels. The physical impact of the gongs and Tibetan bowls is very moving for me and has produced some ‘other worldly’ type responses. Now I am more aware of the process, I can tune in to the sounds and allow the journey to unfold, giving me deepening insight to my state of mind.

Leah heads a Family, Inclusion and Wellbeing service in Independent SEN Education.

Angie Brooker

Angie Brooker

Carolyn has a natural affinity for this work and her intuitive playing made my sessions with her relaxing and enjoyable. The stress and anxiety I had been feeling were much lessened and I find myself sleeping better. I think a sound bath is a great gifting idea and shall be putting it on my Christmas list…

Angie runs a successful aromatherapy business, creating her own 100% natural fragrances, face oils, face creams and cleaning products.

Portrait of Martin

Martin Scase

Carolyn is a very sympathetic, reassuring and intuitive therapist. I was new to sound therapy, but her calm and clear approach very much put me at ease. Nothing was rushed or forced and it allowed for very relaxing sessions, which were often deeply profound and moving. Her gentle, but professional presence was very appreciated on ‘returning to the room’ after the session and she allows plenty of time to debrief and recover. Her deep love and enthusiasm for the technique is very inspiring!

Martin enjoys spending time outdoors and runs a successful gardening business.

Francesca Creffield

Carolyn is a natural healer and obviously enjoys the sessions too. This makes a huge difference and helps me relax – she’s unhurried and patient. During the sessions I have released shoulder pain, a pulled muscle in my back, an emotional blockage from childhood and a stuck energy in my chest. Deep relaxation, vibration and the sense of timelessness help do things beyond the mind.

Fran is an experienced addiction and relationship therapist based in Somerset. She is well known for her work at

Portrait of Tonya Christie, local healer and workshop leader, also creator of The Soul Gifts Programme.

Tonya Christie

My sound session with Carolyn was remarkable and gave me a deep sense of wellbeing. I have had sessions with other sound healers and therapists and I felt that Carolyn’s sensitivity to timbre and vibration was among the best. I found the session hugely balancing and transformative and I slept like a baby that night. Highly recommended!

Tonya Christie is a local healer and workshop leader, also creator of The Soul Gifts Programme.

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